Our Constitution (April 2005)

1. Name

The name of the Society is Indian Cultural Society, Aylesbury.

2. Aims and Objectives

The objects of the Society are to maintain, propagate and advance the precepts of the Indian culture and traditions.

3. Mode of Operation

In furtherance of the objects but not otherwise the Society (Indian Cultural Society) may undertake the following, within the limits permitted by the law.

a) Offer facilities for religious functions and the performing of religious rites.

b) Provide a forum of lectures, discussions, concerts, functions, film shows and other activities to foster interest and participation.

c) Accept donations (whether of real or personal estate) devises and bequests for all or any of the purposes aforesaid and sell and dispose of: to lease and accept surrenders of leases and manage all real estate (including leasehold) so received and not required to be or capable of being occupied for the purpose of the society and generally to manage: invest or expand all monies belonging to the society.

d) Provide and foster community education and relationship and organise a study circle for the advancement of knowledge about Indian culture, religion and civilisation.

e) Do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

4. Membership

a) The membership of the Society shall be open to all persons over the age of 18 years.

b) The membership of the Society shall be open to all acceptable to the Executive Committee who is willing to pay the annual subscription as determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.

c) The Executive Committee may by unanimous vote and for good reason terminate the membership of any individual: provided that the individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Executive Committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

5. Honorary Officers

At the Annual General Meeting of the Indian Cultural Society, the members shall elect from amongst themselves a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer who shall hold the office from the conclusion of the meeting. All Honorary Officers of the Society shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

6. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of:

a) The honorary officers specified in the preceding clause.

b) Not less than five and not more than fifteen members elected at the Annual General Meeting who shall hold office from the conclusion of that meeting.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least six times in a year. A special meeting may be called at any time at seven days notice at the discretion of the Chairman. Any Executive Committee member may be removed from the Executive Committee for failing to attend three consecutive meetings without reasons satisfactory to the Executive Committee.

7. Finance

Membership fee and any other donations or collections at the time of the functions will be handled by the treasurer who will keep proper accounts.

The treasurer will operate the account kept in a bank/building society.

The signatories for operating the account would be any two of the three honorary officers namely the Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary.

The treasurer should ensure, at the beginning of the new financial year that the appropriate signatories are registered with the bank/building society.

8. General Meeting

There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Society, which shall be held in the month of March/April in each year.

a) The Annual General Meeting shall be called by the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall give 21 days notice of the Annual General Meeting. All the fully paid up members of the Society shall be entitled to vote at the meeting.

b) The Annual General meeting should be chaired by the President. The function of the President is as figurehead who would advise the Society and Chair the Annual General Meeting. The President for the two-year term shall be selected by the outgoing Executive Committee.

c) The Executive Committee shall present at the Annual General Meeting the Report and Accounts of the Indian Cultural Society for the preceding year.

d) Nominations for the election of the Executive Committee must be made by members of the Society in writing and must be in the hands of the Secretary at least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting. Should there be no written nominations then nominations will be accepted at the Annual General Meeting from the floor.

9. Alterations of Constitution

The constitution of the Society may be amended at Special General meeting at least twenty-one days prior to the meeting. For amendments to be carried out at least two thirds of the voting members present must be in favour.

10. Interest Groups

The Indian Cultural Society can have special interest groups promoting activities or cater for specific area. Such groups may be approved by theExecutive Committee.

The special interest groups (namely The Asian Elderly Day Care Centre, Shakti Women’s Group, Gujarati Class and the Youth) will be governed by rules and regulations as formulated by their committee and approved by Indian Cultural Society’s Executive Committee. The activities of the groups should not conflict with the activities of the association. Executive Committee’s decision will be final in case of dispute.

The groups will have a representative to the parent Executive Committee and will be required to attend all meetings.

11. Affiliation

The Executive Committee may at any time affiliate to or accept affiliations on such terms as it thinks fit from other organisations.

12. Rules

The Executive Committee is authorised to make by-rules for the conduct of the society, which are consistent with the provision of the constitution.

13. Dissolution

A motion to dissolve the Society may only be made at a special general meeting and to affect dissolution at least two thirds of the members actually present and voting in person at the meeting shall vote in favour of the dissolution.



(Subash Pau)

Date: 16/04/2005


(Miss Kavita Bhavan)

Date: 16/04/2005